Boiler Shop Weld Shop

Southeast2 Building


  • 25 Ton Pelham 109′-9″ Span (#157)
  • 10 Ton P&H 109´-9″ Span (#82)
  • 30 Ton Browning 109´-9″ Span (#124)

Truck Access

Two drive through truck doors on the east side of building. Drive through truck door on north side of building leading to SE Building 3.

Other Features: * Gas fired space heaters * Fiberglass wall panels * Numerous power outlets along wall * T1 data connection * Adjacent to SE Building 3 and SE building 1

Office Space

Up to approximately 8,000 sq ft of secured storage, office space and bathrooms

Space : 40680 Square Feet
Bay Width 115
Cranes (3) 10-30 T
Roof Slopped corrugated metal with fiberglass panels.
Rail Yes
Office Space 8000
Dimensions: 360 x 113
Construction: Metal beam clad in corrugated metal with fiberglass panels. Non-insulated.
Utlities: Provided by Alabama Power, Aligasco and Etowah County Water Authority.
Parking: Nearby
Ceiling Height: 38 feet 2 inches to bottom cord.
Floor: Poured concrete.